when I've tried to run my flutter in vs code it gave this error in debug console


Could not find an option with short name "-n".

Run ‘flutter -h’ (or ‘flutter -h’) for available flutter commands and options.
Exited (64)


It sounds like some unexpected arguments are being passed to flutter when you try to run. These could come from a few different places:

  • Check if you have a .vscode/launch.json file, and whether you have anything unexpected in the args
  • Check the "Flutter Additional Args" and other similar settings in VS Code

To find out exactly what command VS Code is trying to run:

  • Run the Dart: Capture Debugging Logs command from the command palette
  • Try to run the app to generate the error
  • Click Cancel on the logging notification to stop logging and open the log file
  • Search the log file for "Spawning" and it should show the full command VS Code is trying to run

Answered By – Danny Tuppeny

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