Where can I find a list of all available ChromeOptions with selenium?


Where can I find a list of all available Chrome Options with selenium?

While crawling with selenium in a python environment, I had to use flash in the chrome webdriver.
so I tried to find a setting that would allow Flash and I found these answers.


Selenium.Chrome where can I find a list of all available ChromeOption arguments? C#

but I really want to find official document
about these arguments :

  • profile.default_content_setting_values.plugins
  • profile.content_settings.plugin_whitelist.adobe-flash-player

I think that exist because some people said like above two answers.
but I can’t found it.


  1. open chrome://version in chrome address bar
  2. open the folder of Profile Path:, there will be a file perference
    enter image description here

  3. copy and open the perference file, it’s a JSON file, you can use JSON formater or JSON viewer online.
    important, please open the copied one to avoid break your chrome if you did changes.

  4. I think the configuration related to flash under profile.content_settings

  5. open chrome://settings/content/flash in chrome address bar, do waht you wanted settings for flash, your changes will be updated into perference file,
  6. Find out the difference between the updated and copied perference file.
    The difference should be you wanted chrome perference.
  7. set perference when build ChromeOptions, like profile.content_settings.xxx=xxx
    enter image description here

Alternative, you can pre-config the flash settings(chrome://settings/content/flash) in current user profile and use user profile to build ChromeOptions.
enter image description here

Some reference:

Policy more close to using registry/system level setting to effect all users in one machine; Preference work under user profile only effect one user, user can use it to customize upon Policy settings. But Policy has higher priority than Preference.

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