Why can't I target my footer image with CSS


.footer_image {
  height: 60rem;
  <div class="footer_image">
    <img src="https://via.placeholder.com/200x200" style="margin-left:20px">

I cant seem to target the properties to change my image in my footer, what am I doing wrong?


You can use

.footer_image img {

This will work on all pictures which have the html img tag and are inside the .footer_image class

Or you can assign a class or id to your image to define its properties

<img class="mysuperfancyimage" src="logo_footer.png" style="margin-left:20px">
<img id="mysuperfancyimage" src="logo_footer.png" style="margin-left:20px">

You can call classes with a dot and and IDs with a Rhombus

.mysuperfancyimage {
#mysuperfancyimage {

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