Why can't JavaScript .play() audio files on iPhone safari?


I’ve got a JavaScript web app working that plays some audio periodically like this:

var SOUND_SUCCESS = new Audio('success.mp3');

This works great on desktop browsers (tested in Edge and Chrome), but it doesn’t play on Safari on iPhone.

I’ve looked around Stack Overflow, and I found some answers from a couple of years ago that it’s not possible to play audio from Safari unless you’re in that full screen player. Is this still the case?


iOS disables autoplay, instead requiring that play be initiated as part of a user interaction (e.g., you can start playback within a touchstart listener). There’s a bit of documentation about this on Apple’s developer documentation. There’s also this article Overcoming iOS HTML5 audio limitations on IBM’s developer site that has examples and more detail.

Answered By – Ed Ballot

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