why do i not have the same data when pull github


i am triying to pull a branch in my local but i didn’t have the same data like in github repository, in the terminal, says: Already up to date.

For examples in my github repository, i have a file named data.json, the content of this this is not the same as the data.json i have in my local repository.

Here is the github link : https://github.com/Meriemu/TestCaseLvmh/blob/feature/slider/public/data.json

And here is a screnshot of my local data :
enter image description here


i found it,
actually i was in a gitlab repository and not github, that’s why. i had to remove the origin and re-add it and pull the branch. My answer could help others, maybe…

Answered By – Meryem ACHEMLAL

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