Why have the urls to SVG-icons in my Ionic app changed after update?


I’m updating an old Ionic app:

  • Angular: 8.2.9 => 11.2.12
  • Angular CLI: 8.3.8 => 11.2.11
  • Ionic: 4.10.0 => 5.6.6
  • Ionic CLI: 5.4.16 => 6.14.0

The app starts when i run it locally (using ionic serve), but the SVG-icons does not show.

If I look at one particular icon, I find two versions of the icon in the source files:

  • \src\assets\custom-ion-icons\md-br-home.svg
  • \src\assets\custom-ion-icons\ios-br-home.svg

The place where the icon is used looks lite this:

<ion-icon name="br-home"></ion-icon>

When running the old version of the app, the icon gets fetched and shown with this url:

However, running after the update, the app requests this url:

I’m not sure how the "md-" part is added in the old version of the app, but somehow this have disappeared.

If I change the filename of md-br-home.svg to br-home.svg, it works. Maybe that’s the solution? But will this mess something up when I build and distribute this app? I’d like to get a better understanding of how this i supposed to work.


Just found the answer to my question.

Updating Ionic from 4 to 5 changes how icons (ionicons) are handled. Platform specific variants are no longer used, thus "md-" and "ios-" in filenames are no longer used.


I just changed the names of the SVG-files beginning with "md-" (e.g. md-br-home.svg to br-home.svg), and then deleted the ones beginning with "ios-".

I also used some standard ionicons icons that had been removed or renamed, so I had to fix that too. A list of all changes is available on the page linked above.

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