Why is /usr/lib/default-java pointing to the "wrong" jdk?


I got a linux mint pc with openJDK 1.11 pre-installed. I installed the openJDK 1.8. package and set the default java (sudo update-alternatives –config java) to it. All is working fine (java -version outputs the correct java version). Now that I try to use maven, in my attempt to change JAVA_HOME (because it was not pointing to the correct location – this is working now, too), I saw a directory called default-java (/usr/lib/jvm/default-java) which is a symlink to the original 1.11 JDK, even though I am not using it at all.

Can someone tell me what that means, if that is a problem and if I should change it?

Thanks in advance!


The link to default-java is managed by the APT package default-jre-headless.

To update the link, you could remove the package and then reinstall it again

apt remove default-jre-headless
apt install default-jre-headless

Check this answer : https://askubuntu.com/questions/181381/what-package-creates-usr-lib-jvm-default-java

Answered By – Florent Dupont

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