Why number or digits showing dots on smartphone?


I am facing one issue. My whole website digits change to "…" dots. Example if there is "123", it changes to "…".

Here is my deployed application: https://ezylegal.in/legal-consultation

On mobile view
enter image description here

It is showing 100 lawyers online. But I am checking user experience using Microsoft clarity. It is showing "…" dots on user phone.

enter image description here

Any suggestion why it is showing dots?


It’s because Microsoft Clarity hides all sensitive data by default (or the data it thinks is sensitive). It’s called masking content.

Clarity masks all sensitive content on your website by default. The sensitive content includes all input box content, numbers, and email addresses. Clarity doesn’t capture masked content.

So it will include any numbers on your page by default. More information about (un)masking content and the source of the quote above, you can find on the Clarity docs.

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