yt-dlp 'rate-limit' not throttiling speed in Python script


I have implemented yt-dlp as part of my Python script, it works well, but I am unable to get the rate-limit feature to work.
If you run the same command from the CLI the rate is limited correctly, is anyone able to tell me the correct syntax?

I have tried several combinations such as rate-limit, limit-rate 0.5m, 500k, 500KiB, 500, and none seem to work

        ydl_opts = {
        'limit-rate': '500k',


    with yt_dlp.YoutubeDL(ydl_opts) as ydl:[link]) 

I am using the docs here;
But am confused as the CLI command works but not the embedded script version,

I also tried replacing – with _ but still to no effect, do you have any ideas?
Other options in the ydl_opts work without issue

Hopefully we can resolve the correct syntax rather than having to implement Trickle or throttling the socket.


Looking at the source code you’ll find that the option you’re looking for is called ratelimit. Its value should be a float:

ydl_opts = {
        'ratelimit': 500000

with yt_dlp.YoutubeDL(params=ydl_opts) as ydl:[link]) 

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